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About Half of Marijuana Users in Legal States Have Gone to Work High

Marijuana legalization has been an economic boon for states. It creates tons of new jobs, it increases economic activity and it generates tax revenue for the government. But how has it affected the actual workplace?

A new survey came out saying that 48 percent of marijuana users in legalized states have gone to work high at least once since legalization. A slightly more surprising result from the survey found that 39 percent of users in legalized states say they go to work high at least once a week.

While that 48 percent number seems high (no pun intended), it's actually not that surprising. The same survey found that 74 percent of marijuana users had gone to work high at least once before cannabis became legal in their state. So it seems legalization has had little effect on whether or not a person goes to work high.

Another interesting note from the survey is that 73 percent of the people who had gone to work high believed they performed their job better while doing so, although that's obviously a biased opinion. Also 50 percent of those people who went to work high said they believed they would be fired if someone realized it.

While marijuana is legal in several states now, it's also still legal for employers to ban their workers from using cannabis and requiring drug tests. The lines get a little murkier when it comes to medical marijuana use and workplace drug tests, but it's still ok for employers to ban recreational cannabis use. 

Perhaps it would help if there were a few more marijuana users in the Trump administration!

(h/t Westword)


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