6 Marijuana-Themed Christmas Sweaters That Grandma Will Not Understand

The best part about the Christmas season is getting presents, obviously. The second best part is wearing hilarious ugly Christmas sweaters that will make your friends and family laugh. Although most ugly Christmas sweaters are actually really nice looking, so we should probably change their name.

But obviously, the best types of Christmas sweaters involve marijuana. And while some members of your family may be ok with your cannabis enthusiasm, your grandma may not be. So that's why there are plenty of sweaters about marijuana that may confuse your grandma.

Here are six cannabis Christmas sweaters your grandma may not understand:

1. Cool Santa

sweater 1

You can just tell your grandma that your sweater is just a picture of cool Santa with a weird looking beard. She'll totally fall for it!

Available here.

2. I'm Just Here to Get Baked

sweater 2

It's just an innocent sweater about a Gingerbread man who wants to get baked and turned into a delicious Christmas treat. Nothing wrong with that.

Available here.

3. Marijuana Christmas Tree

sweater 3

Ok, so this one may require that your grandma doesn't know what a marijuana leaf looks like. But that isn't necessarily the biggest stretch either.

Available here.

4. Alpaca Another Bowl

sweater 4

Bowls can be filled with so many tasty treats. Candy. Cereal. Oatmeal. Your grandma will be more confused why there's a llama on your shirt.

Available here.

5. 4.20 Christmas

sweater 5

It's just a normal sweater with a Christmas tree, some reindeer and snowflakes everywhere. Although you'll need a good excuse for why the sweater says "4:20" everywhere.

Available here.

6. Tree Isn't the Only Thing Getting Lit This year

sweater 6

Just tell your grandma that lit means having a good time, and you're just referring to having an extra glass of egg nog. Hopefully your grandma's eyesight is declining as well so she won't see the marijuana leaves and just think the bongs are bottles of booze.

Available here.


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