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Get A Load Of These Ridiculous, Marijuana-Themed Bootleg 'Simpsons' Shirts

Yes, yes, we know - you haven’t watched it since season 12, or whatever. We don’t want to hear it. Although it’s generally understood that it isn’t what it used to be, 'The Simpsons,' for a time, was one of the biggest things in pop culture. 

The show was an instant hit, and a licensing sensation as early as the show’s first episode. Toys, video games and, of course, Bart Simpson t-shirts flew off the shelves. In fact, official merchandise was so popular that even with Fox churning it out at an incredible rate, it still wasn’t meeting the demand. 

This is where the bootlegs came in. These were shoddily-made, unlicensed products that merch-hungry fans would either make themselves, or pick up while vacationing in a country where the copyright laws are a little more lax. Of course, there was a wide variety of bootleg items including pipes, toys and games. It was the bootleg T-shirt, however, that ruled supreme.

Unbound by the typical family-friendly restrictions surrounding licensed characters, the bootleg shirts were able to do several things the official merch could not, like, for instance, depict off-model versions of the characters having sex, singing copyrighted lyrics, and, of course, smoking pot.

The Instagram page 'bootlegbart,' collects and catalogues these beautiful monstrosities, and already has a backlog of nearly 1000 posts. For your benefit, we went bin-diving and found some of the best marijuana and hippie-themed bootleg Bart shirts there ever were. Enjoy, and 'don’t have a cat, friend!'

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