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TV Shows About Weed: Hollywood's Plans To Portray Pot

The entertainment industry is driven by fads and trends, so it should come as no surprise that when everyone from presidential candidates, to business leaders, musicians, and even moms start publicly talking about legalization, popular TV will be sure to follow.

We've seen some reality shows tackling the legal cannabis industry, including Weed Wars and MSNBC's special Pot Barons of Colorado, but the longer production cycles for sitcoms and more in-depth drama haven't yet yielded a really great cannabis show of note.

We haven't forgotten about Showtime's Weeds, but it isn't about the legal industry, and frankly it isn't very good either.

But there is evidence those who make great TV and the networks who buy great TV are on the case. Variety reports this week that Kevin Smith has a new 30-minute pilot he produced on spec because he knows there is a high volume of weed-related TV already being pitched.

This news comes hot on the heels of reports that Chuck Lorre, creator of Big Bang Theory, has a new pot shop comedy he's shopping around. Amazon has a dramedy in development with Margaret Cho called 'Highland'. HBO ordered six new episodes of a successful Vimeo web series called 'High Maintenance', and NBC is committed to a script set in a Colorado dispensary.

Some key things we know about the Kevin Smith project

What we know about Chuck Lorre's show

  • It doesn't yet have a name, or at least not one we know about.
  • The show was co-written by Lorre and David Javerbaum, who received 11 of his 13 Emmy awards for his work on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.
  • Like most of the other shows, it's said to be set in a Colorado dispensary.
  • A script for the show has been sent to the major broadcast networks and possibly also Netflix.

What we know about Margaret Cho's 'Highland'

  • It's set in a dispensary run by Cho's dysfunctional family.
  • The plot of the show start's with Cho's return from court-ordered rehab and follows her attempts to rebuild her life.
  • Liz Sarnoff, a producer associated with Deadwood, Lost, and Alcatraz is attached to the project.

What we know about the NBC project

  • It's set in a Colorado (surprise!) dispensary.
  • That's it.

What we know about HBO's High Maintenance

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