5 Marijuana T-Shirts That Are More 'Hip' Than 'Hippie'

Of course we want to show our support/solidarity for the legalization movement and affinity with fellow stoners. But the sophisticated modern stoner doesn't want to sport the goofy-looking tie dye or tees featuring garish, giant ganja leaves.

Behold: five hip sartorial options for folks who want to (subtly) share their love of weed with the world, one tee at a time.

1. Hi Tee by Tweed

Are you stoned, or just super-friendly? No one will know the difference when you sport this highly sociable tee from Tweed. Advertise your elevated state of mind to the world for $20 from the Tweed Merch Shop.

2. Best Buds Tee

Girl stoners, take note: this fitted tee features a single, manicured hand proudly flicking a Bic, with a cute little flower/pot leaf/puff of white smoke to denote your favourite extracurricular activity. Get one for you, and your best bud, from $19.89 via Most Random Tees.

3. Strain Shirts by Green Arbor Clothing

White Widow, Girl Scout Cookies, Durban Poison, Northern Lights - to folks outside the weed world, they're just cool-sounding names/graphics. But for those in the know, these tees from Green Arbor are great conversation starters. Check out the full range starting at $35 from Green Arbor Clothing.

4. THC Molecule Tee via Etsy

We dig the super-stealth factor of this tee, which seems specifically targeted toward high-functioning stoner science nerds: depicts, in a minimalist Breaking Bad opening-credits style, the THC molecule responsible for getting you high. Unlike Trippin' Teddies or a huge 420 emblazoned across your chest, only the true stoner geeks will know what you're getting up to in your spare time. $29 from Etsy.

5. Professional Chiller via Etsy

For those who have raised the pursuit of Netflix and chill to new levels of artistry. Differentiate yourself from the amateurs for a mere $29 from Etsy.


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