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Just What Your Waistline Needs: Marijuana Sugar Now A Thing That Exists

While psychological dependence on marijuana is very real, you're way less likely to get physically hooked on THC than you are on plain ol' sugar. According to some studies, it can activate the pleasure and reward centres in the brain as dramatically as cocaine, and most Americans eat it daily in everything from pasta sauce to bread and breakfast cereal.

For those who feel like surrendering entirely to the pleasurable excesses of late-stage capitalism, there's Ruby Cannabis Sugar: a new line of infused sweetener from DeepCell.

Certified organic cane sugar crystals infused with cannabis extract mean you can stir THC into your tea or coffee, make crazy cannabis frosting, sprinkle it with cinnamon on your toast, and deploy it for myriad other uses limited only by your sweet-toothed imagination.

With "only 15 calories" per serving, and the quality of being (unlike oil and cannabutter) soluble in liquid, you can add Ruby to basically anything - and the THC imparts only "a subtle nutty flavour," according to manufacturers, and to some, no flavour at all.

The cannabis extract is added to sugar through technology DeepCell calls microfluidics, which they're also using to create a soon-to-be-released line of Sapphire Cannabis Salt and Emerald Cannabis Sweetener. As if versatile, sweet, discrete cannabis sugar weren't dangerously tasty enough.

DeepCell products will only be available in legal states; however, if you feel cannabis food additives are an essential thing missing your life, try making your own at home.


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