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8 Marijuana Strains That Your Weed Snob Friends Will Not Be Impressed With

Whenever you bring something to a party, you’re always trying to impress people. That’s why you bring the fanciest craft beer you can find, or alternatively you just buy 60 cans of Bud Light and impress people by using the old quantity versus quality argument. So when you know you’ll be hanging out with avid stoners, there are definitely some strains that will not impress.

Here are eight marijuana strains that will probably not impress your weed snob friends:

1. Pineapple Express

Cool, dude! We get it! You saw that Seth Rogen movie and now you bought a marijuana strain named after it! 2008 called, it wants it’s cannabis back!

2. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is perhaps the most popular strain of marijuana in America, and it’s not that it’s undeserving. It’s a perfectly fine cannabis strain, but at the same time if you’re trying to impress your friends buying the strain that literally everyone else buys is not the way to do so.

3. Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a strain that will either really, really impress your friends or really, really turn them off. It’s a super potent strain, but many people don’t like the pungent smell or the diesel taste. So some people will love you for it, but others will think you’re a psycho.

4. AK-47

AK-47’s popularity is largely due to the fact that it’s pretty easy to grow. Now that you can go to a dispensary and select almost any strain you can imagine, bringing AK-47 to a party is like being the guy who brings store bought cupcakes. You can do better.

5. Champagne Kush

You imagine a scenario where you bring out your Champagne Kush and all of your friends are impressed you bought such a sophisticated marijuana strain. But there’s nothing about Champagne Kush that resembles the fancy alcoholic beverage. It’s closer to Miller High Life, the self-anointed “champagne of beers.”

6. M-39

When grown properly, M-39 is a strain with a nice fruity and lemony taste with a pretty decent THC content. Notice I said, “When grown properly.” It’s one of the most difficult strains to grow, and it will definitely leave a bad taste in your mouth if you get a bad strain. So why take the risk?

7. Chronic

Chronic is a legendary marijuana strain thanks to 1990’s rap. Unfortunately while the strain may have been the bee’s knees back then, it’s no longer considered the cream of the crop. So unless your friends are really big Dr. Dre fans, you can do better.

8. Mango

The Mango strain may have a nice mango taste (as the name suggests), but it’s another strain that gained popularity in the 1990’s when cannabis was a little weaker. Today, a lot of people might consider it too weak and you’ll just end up with a lot of disappointed stoners. If you’re really digging mango, just bring a fruit salad.


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