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Marijuana Company Making Strain Names to Remind People Not to Drive While High

Driving after consuming marijuana is definitely a big no-no, and law enforcement officials are trying to figure out ways to reinforce that idea to the general public. But a group in Canada has found a creative way to remind drivers not to smoke and hit the road: by making their own marijuana strains.

A Canadian road safety group called R.I.D.E. Checks teamed up with an advertising agency called BBDO Toronto and a medical marijuana company called Beleave to create cannabis strains aimed to prevent people from driving after using the drug. They called their products "Consequence Strains," and they're all named after a different punishment for driving high. Here are the three strains they've made so far.

Kourtroom Kush

kourtroom kush

White Whiplash

white whiplash

Slammer Time

slammer time

A creative chief at BBDO Toronto noted that the stigma against smoking and driving isn't nearly as powerful as the one against drinking and driving, and that this campaign is a creative way to get people to think differently about the issue.

The groups also used the descriptions of the different strains to send a message.

Kourtroom Kush is “an emotional joyride that doesn’t end well. This first-time offender conjures up feelings of regret, shame and guilt, the same emotions as someone who’s just been charged with impaired driving.”

While Slammer Time “packs a potent punch, often inducing feelings of remorse, paranoia and isolation from the outside world. The same feelings as someone who’s been sentenced to life in prison for killing another driver or pedestrian.” 

And White Whiplash “starts mellow then hits you hard. This bitter bold bud has been known to strike the perfect balance of misery and devastation. A similar outcome to some suffering from the pain of an auto accident injury.”

Of course, we're assuming these descriptions are meant to simply reinforce their message and not an actual evaluation of the product. Because I'm not sure many people would buy marijuana that would produce an outcome similar to "the pain of an auto accident injury."

(h/t AdWeek)


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