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10 Marijuana Strains That Could Help During Flu Season

December has arrived, which means we’re firmly in flu season. And now that we’re all worried about getting sick, you’re probably wondering, “Can marijuana help me get over the flu?”

Well, yes and no. There are many strains of marijuana that can help you deal with the symptoms that accompany the flu, as well as some that will help improve your immune system’s performance.

So here are the 10 best marijuana strains for dealing with the flu:


If you’re dealing with the flu, you’re going to be hurting all over. And the best marijuana strains for dealing with pain are ones that are high in both CBD and THC. ACDC is one of the most popular and effect strains that fits that profile.

2. Blackberry Kush

Not all people have access to strains with high CBD levels. But many people also use heavy indica strains to help fight pain as well. Blackberry Kush is one of the best indica strains that will help you fight your pain.

3. Grape God

Grape God is basically a jack of all trades when it comes to fighting the flu. It can help deal with pain, it can help you increase your appetite and it can help you fall asleep. Those are all issues you’ll be dealing with while fighting the flu, so this seems like an excellent strain to choose.

4. Strawberry Cough

Another symptom that often accompanies the flu is nausea. For many people, it’s the worst symptom because no one likes feeling like they’re about to be sick at any time. Luckily many marijuana strains are antiemetic, meaning they can help fight nausea. Strawberry Cough is one of those strains.

5. Sour Diesel

Of course, Strawberry Cough also has “cough” in its name, so you might not want to be reminded that you’re constantly hocking up a lung every few seconds. Sour Diesel is a very good alternative antiemetic strain that’s also very potent so you can forget some of your problems while dealing with the flu.

6. White Rhino

White Rhino is also a good strain for fighting different symptoms from the flu. Like Strawberry Cough and Sour Diesel, it’s an antiemetic strain, but it’s also very good for treating pain. But this is definitely not a strain for beginners, so don’t pick up White Rhino while fighting the flu if you’ve never tried it before.

7. Super Lemon Haze

Ok, all the strains we’ve named up to now are for helping treat the symptoms of the flu. But are there any forms of marijuana that can actually help fight the flu itself? The answer is yes! Many strains of marijuana contain a terpene called “limonene.” Limonene has many uses, including stress relief, relieving gastrointestinal issues and is also an immunostimulant, meaning it helps the function of the immune system. So using a strain high in limonene, such as Super Lemon Haze, is an excellent way to help get over the flu.

8. Durban Poison

Even though you have the flu, that doesn’t mean you can just put your life on hold. You’ll still need to get some things done in your life while sick. Durban Poison is a good way to help get over the fatigue that accompanies the flu, and it’s also high in limonene to help your immune system as well.

9. Jack Herer

Feeling down because you have the flu? Don’t worry, pick up some Jack Herer and you’ll instantly be put into a better mood. It’s another strain high in limonene, so you can also feel better knowing your immune system is getting a bump as well.

10. Berry White

There’s no medical evidence suggesting that puns can help people get over the flu faster, but anecdotally it’s probably true. Berry White is another strain high in limonene that also has many stress reducing properties. That way you won’t be sitting in bed freaking out about whether or not you’ll ever be healthy again.

(h/t Leafly and Medical Marijuana Strains for strain information)


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