6 Best Marijuana Strains for Shark Week

This week is Shark Week, which means the Discovery Channel is playing 24/7 programming revolving around the sea creature that people fear the most. It’s also their most popular week of the year, so obviously people are obsessed with sharks.

If you’re gearing up for Shark Week, then here are six marijuana strains that you can enjoy it with:

1. Great White Shark

The great white shark is perhaps the most famous shark in the world, so it’s no surprise it also lends its name to a cannabis strain. The Great White Shark strain is known to be pretty potent that can quickly give anyone a good buzz. It also has a nice fruity aroma, which would probably attract more sharks if you use it before going into the ocean.

2. Sharksbreath

Sharksbreath is a hybrid between Great White Shark and Lamb’s Breath a.k.a. Lamb’s Bread. If this strain is actually reflective of a shark’s breath, then they actually have a sweet candy like smell to them. But we’d still not recommend you try to find out what a shark’s breath smells like.

3. Shark Shock

Shark Shock is a little different than Sharksbreath. It’s a cross between White Widow and Skunk #1, so you know the aroma isn’t going to be as sweet as the one above. However it does have a fruity taste and it is also very potent.

4. OG Shark

OG Shark is a pretty rare strain that you’ll really only find in Canada. It’s known for a high THC count and a pungent aroma, and it’s a pretty popular strain for a number of different medical conditions.

5. CBD Shark

CBD Shark is a strain that has an equal CBD and THC ratio. It’s also a sweet and fruty strain with a little hint of herb. But considering this strain’s low THC count, it’s perfect for watching Shark Week and actually learning about the many things the shows are trying to teach you.

6. Shark Attack

While we would never recommend getting attacked by a shark, we do recommend the Shark Attack strain. It has a decent THC content, but not too high for people who don’t want to get completely out of it. It also has an interesting earthy and pine taste to it. You have to wonder how humans taste to sharks when they attack us…


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