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6 Best Marijuana Strains for Patriots Fans Dealing with Their Super Bowl Loss

Sunday night was Super Bowl LII, and the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots to win their first championship since 1960. Now, Patriots fans really don’t need much consolation since they’ve won five Super Bowls in the 21st century, but many are understandably feeling down today.

To help them get over their team’s misfortune, here are the best marijuana strains for dealing with their sadness.

6. Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a strain that helps people feel euphoric and more uplifted. But perhaps the best part of Jack Herer is it also inspires creativity, so you’ll be able to come up with some epic insults for anyone who wants to trash talk you today.

5. Pineapple Express

A classic strain made famous by a Seth Rogen movie, Pineapple Express will help you get in the same mood you’d be in while watching a Rogen movie.

4. Harlequin

Not in the mood for a really potent strain of marijuana? Try the Harlequin strain. It has a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio, so you won’t get too out of your head, but you will get a nice boost in your mood.

3. Cinex

Are you not only feeling down but also uninterested in doing anything today? Then Cinex could be for you. It will improve you mood while also giving you a boost of energy to accomplish all the tasks you need to do today.

2. Granddady Purple

Are you so down you can barely work up an appetite? Try some Granddaddy Purple. It will increase your appetite and make sure you don’t accidentally starve to death while mourning your beloved Patriots.

1. Blackberry Kush

Were you unable to sleep last night knowing that your team won the same amount of championships this season as the Cleveland Browns? Then you’ll probably need some Blackberry Kush to make sure you fall asleep tonight. Just try not to have any nightmares about that Tom Brady strip sack.


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