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8 Best Marijuana Strains to Deal With This Weekend's Freezing Cold Temperatures

If you live in the Midwest or the Northeast, you’re about to experience some brutally cold weather for the next week thanks to a polar vortex. Now, I have no idea what a polar vortex is, but I know it’s absolutely miserable to live through. So you’ll probably be hunkered down at home for the next week trying to avoid the outdoors as much as possible. And when you’re stuck indoors, one of the best things you can do is smoke some cannabis.

Here are eight marijuana strains to help you deal with the upcoming polar vortex:

1. White Widow

The cold weather may be horrible, but everyone knows snow is really pretty. But rather than stare outside your window at the snow, just enjoy some White Widow that simply looks like little snowflakes on your cannabis.

2. Northern Lights

The only good thing about the Arctic is the beautiful Northern Lights. Unfortunately, you can’t see the Northern Lights in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. But you can enjoy some Northern Lights cannabis even if you don’t live in an Arctic region, even though you will feel like you are in the North Pole this weekend.

3. Sour Tsunami

Did you have to shovel your driveway recently and are now aching all over? Try some Sour Tsunami. The high CBD strain is renowned for helping people cope with pain.

4. Jack Frost

Jack Frost is definitely rolling into town this weekend, and making all of our lives miserable as a result. But perhaps smoking some Jack Frost will be seen as an offering to him, and will help warm up the weather. Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

5. Granddaddy Purple

Good ol’ Granddaddy Purple is always around when you want to just sit at home and watch Netflix all day. There’s almost no strain better for just pure relaxation.

6. OG Kush

You’ll probably be feeling pretty down in the dumps this weekend thanks to the polar vortex. So you’ll probably want to use some OG Kush to help turn that frown upside down and not ruin your whole weekend.

7. Maui Wowie

Considering there are now massive delays and closures at airports all around the country thanks to the government shutdown, you won’t be able to escape the cold by heading down to Hawaii. But the Maui Wowie strain will remind you of those tropical tastes and feelings you’d get while visiting there, although it won’t help give you a Hawaiian temperature.

8. Lemon Haze

If you’re stuck at home all day, you’ll need a nice smelling marijuana strain to help brighten your environment. Lemon Haze has that great fresh peeled lemon smell. Perfect for people who love taking a nice whiff of Pinesol.


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