Sexy Weed Strains: Getting High, Getting It On

From ancient tantric rituals to the present-day casual hookup, there's a long history of cannabis as an aphrodisiac. With the cannabis convo becoming more normalized, there are more opportunities to incorporate weed into our more enlightened modes of relaxation. Yeah, that includes sexy time.

Designer strains are being created to specifically tap users into that 'sensual headspace' without overdoing it on the body high. Karyn Wagner, the woman behind Sexxpot, is targeting her strain to women, stating that by using a relatively lower THC content – around 14 percent THC, compared to the average 18 to 20 percent – women will reap the benefits of a chill but orgasmic rush.

Guys will likely need something stronger, though. Mr. Nice is touted for its arousing, energetic, and relaxing effects while Granddaddy Purple is more of a smooth, elated body and head high.

San Francisco-based sexologist Nick Karras, who studies marijuana's effects in the bedroom, recommends a sativa or hybrid mix for sex because of their tendency to invoke euphoric, energetic feelings.

"Most people turn to alcohol to connect, but marijuana slows you down," Karras tells the online publication Fusion. "You can sit and look at each other, enjoy each other's bodies. When it comes to pot, it's all about touching and feeling."

It's true that there hasn't been a whole lot of research since the 70s and 80s, but pot lovers remain adamant on the drug's ability - with the right strain and dosage - to accentuate intimate moments though enhanced touch, heightened intimacy, and stronger orgasms. Of course, personal comfort zones are top priority for partners-at-play, but once that's established, the sexy strain world truly is your oyster.

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H/T The Cut, Fusion, Leafly


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