10 Marijuana Strains to Put on Your Cannabis Bucket List

When it comes to marijuana strains, everyone’s going to have their own preferences. But there are certain strains that almost everyone will enjoy, and ones that everyone should try at least once.

Here are 10 marijuana strains you should add to your cannabis bucket list:

1. Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold is one of the most well-known strains ever, and was basically the strain that hippies lived off in the 1960’s. So if you want to know what they were smoking at Woodstock, this is it.

2. AK-47

While it’s name may be related to violence, AK-47 is actually a very mellow strain that will make you feel completely relaxed. It’s also one of the most highly awarded strains ever created.

3. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is perhaps the most popular strain of marijuana in the United States today. It’s a strain that’s not too powerful for newbies but still packs a decent punch for cannabis veterans. You’ll have to try it to see why it’s become so popular.

4. Chemdawg

Besides its great name, Chemdawg is a strain that no one seems to know its origins. But we do know Chemdawg is the original source for more some of the most potent strains available, such as Sour Diesel and OG Kush. So if you’re looking for the original powerhouse strain, this is it.

5. Cherry Pie

It’s a marijuana strain that has the smell of a freshly baked cherry pie. What more could you want?

6. G13

Supposedly G13 was created by the government in a secret lab to combine all of the best marijuana strains into one. And while that origin story may or may not be true, the results definitely seem like it could be.

7. Granddaddy Purple

This super popular West Coast strain has a delicious grape and berry taste and aroma that anyone would love. It’s also a super relaxing strain, as well as one of the most beautiful to look at as well.

8. OG Kush

OG Kush is like the Beatles of marijuana. It’s a great strain, and basically every strain made in California can be trace its origins back to OG Kush.

9. Pineapple Express

If Seth Rogen decides to name his movie about stoners after a strain, then you know that strain is probably very good.

10. Skunk #1

When you think about marijuana, you probably think about that skunky smell that people either love or hate. Skunk #1 is the best strain to truly experience all the skunkiness cannabis has to offer.


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