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Hot Boxes: 3 Stylish Spots To Store Your Stash

Some are hailing 2016 as the "year of the upscale cannabis consumer" - and the trend of high design is nowhere more apparent than at Tetra, purveyor of beautiful, expensive smoking accessories to match your beautiful, expensive life.

"I've always been obsessed with the way design can be applied to areas of life, or types of products that haven't been touched by design in the past. I just find it interesting whenever people have a chance to bring good design to areas where it was lacking," Tetra founder Monica Khemsurov tells Broadly.

"When I was looking around at this world of smoking and smoking accessories, I immediately saw a hole. To me, it's really exciting to be able to bring great aesthetics to the objects - and great thinking and creative talent."

Here are three Khemsurov-curated designs that simultaneously hide your stash and showcase your excellent taste.

1. Trove Box

Matte, black storage box with a glass crystal half-dome lid that also acts as a fully-functional magnifying glass. At 4.3" high by 3.3" wide, this sleek design is sufficiently deep that the contents are only visible when it's completely full. Cast iron and glass crystal by Tom Dixon, $120. If you want to learn more about Dixon, his website has a timeline on his creative development as a designer, beginning with life drawing and pottery in the mid-seventies.

2. Bosque Box

Tactile storage box perfectly sized for holding a small pipe, lighter, and other essentials. Luxe-looking pyrite nugget on top functions as a handle. Acacia wood and pyrite by Anna NY, $260. Designer Anna Rabinowicz launched her first home collection in 2002, it says on her web site, "creating objects inspired by nature which fuse ancient, precious materials with cutting-edge design." The site also shares this insight from her background: "Having designed such intricate objects as prosthetic knees and devices for cardiac surgery, she brings her experience and understanding of biology and nature to the design of elegant objects for the home"

3. Coffee Table Box

This large snuff box that doubles as an objet d'art: lid is comprised by the designers' signature terrazzo resin; no two are alike. Welded aluminum box, urethane resin top by Chen Chen and Kai Williams, $484. Their work has been showcased in art exhibits and featured in publications like The New York Times.


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