It Could Become A New Denver Specialty - The Marijuana Smoked Turkey Sandwich

A Colorado restaurant is putting a new spin on cannabis edibles. Cook's Fresh Market - a deli in downtown Denver - is now offering marijuana-smoked turkey sandwiches.

Cook's owner Ed Janos created the featured item by smoking meat the same way he usually does. But instead of using applewood or hickory, Janos threw cannabis stalks into the mix. And before he even had his first slice, his nose told him that the experiment was a success.

"I was really surprised. It didn't smell like marijuana burning, it had a sweet aroma, like a cherry wood and it was absolutely delicious," Janos told KUSA, an NBC affiliate in Denver.

And it's become a hit with patrons - even though some are a little shy about trying it.

"People are smiling, giggling," Janos added. "Some people are afraid to try it. Some people are like, wow, this is really good. So it's - people are kind of surprised, and they're talking about it."

But that's the only sort of buzz this sandwich will create. Janos says that the cannabis turkey isn't going to do much more than give your tastebuds a high. 

"As far as I know, there's no THC or anything in the stalk. I tasted a couple of slices and didn't feel anything, so I don't think you can get high from it."  

For the deets on how he prepared his marijuana meat, check out the full interview.



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