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Poll Reveals Marijuana Slang For Republicans and Democrats

Weed, reefer, muggles: Cannabis goes by so many names, we wanted to find out what the average American calls our favorite herb. In our inaugural Civilized Cannabis Culture Poll - an online survey of more than 1,000 Americans conducted by Environics Research Group - we discovered the top cannabis slang words used today.

And we found out some interesting trivia, too. For instance, Democrats are more likely to call it weed while Republicans are more likely to say pot. Check out some more marijuana trivia in our ranking of the top slang below.

4. Mary Jane, Grass and Dope

In total, 4 percent of respondents said they called marijuana "Mary Jane," the byword immortalized in song by the late Rick James. Meanwhile, grass and dope were tied at 6 percent of the general vote. Interestingly, men were more likely to use more obscure slang than women. Each word was slightly more prevalent when we removed women from the equation: Mary Jane took 6 percent, dope took 7 percent and grass scored 8 percent of the male vote.

3. Chronic

Chronic tied Mary Jane with 4 percent of the vote. And men, who tend to use obscure slang more than women, didn't have a preference for either word as both scored 6 percent of the male vote. But we gave the third spot on our list to chronic because it's the most popular slang among medical marijuana users (12 percent) after the top two words on our list.

2. Pot

The fight for second place wasn't close: pot ran away with 30 percent of the total vote. That's more support than the above terms combined. Because men tend to use more obscure words, pot was particularly popular among women (34 percent).

Saying "pot" is also somewhat race and age specific, with approximately one third of white people (35 percent) and nearly half of respondents 55 or older (43 percent) preferring pot. Republicans (38 percent) were also more likely than Democrats to say pot. So if you're looking to hit on a conservative silver fox on the campaign trail this year, you might want to offer a puff of pot instead of grass.

1. Weed

Pot smoked the competition for second place, but weed left pot in the dust. Almost half (46 percent) percent chose weed. Among cannabis consumers, 51 percent said weed, which was even more popular among recreational consumers (60 percent). Pot was more popular among the older crowd, but nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of respondents aged 18-24 said weed.

There was also a racial and political dimension to the top slang words. Blacks (66 percent) and Asians (67 percent) were more likely to say weed, which was also more popular among half (50 percent) of Democrats. So if you're trying to fit in with the younger crowd campaigning for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, put away pot and stick with weed for the election season.


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