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Americans Believe Marijuana Is Safer Than Alcohol, Tobacco, and Sugar

Many marijuana advocates like to point out that cannabis is far safer than many drugs or substances that are already legal under U.S. law. And it appears Americans are listening.

In a recent poll, 900 Americans were asked to select what substance they believe is most harmful to a person's health. 41 percent chose tobacco, 24 percent said alcohol and 21 percent chose sugar. Only nine percent of the group chose marijuana. This clearly shows that Americans are rejecting the argument put forward by Attorney General Jeff Sessions and others that marijuana is a dangerous drug that leads people down a dark path.

It helps that more and more scientific research is coming out showing the various medical benefits of cannabis, while also showing how Americans are becoming more aware of the harm done by the other substances on the list. And yet you don't see protests about bringing back alcohol prohibition or outlawing cigarettes. Perhaps it could have something to do with all the money in those industries?

The same poll found that 60 percent of respondents said they would favor their state approving marijuana legalization, which is roughly in line with other polls and surveys that have been conducted over the past year.

(h/t Marijuana Moment)


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