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Marijuana Use Linked with Protecting the Liver from Alcohol Abuse

Many people compare how marijuana and alcohol affect the human body, particularly since alcohol is much more harmful and yet legal while cannabis is not. But it actually turns out marijuana can actually stop some of the most harmful effects of drinking.

A new study found that alcoholics who use marijuana were healthier than those who did not. The study examined over 300,000 patients with a history of alcohol abuse and the amount of damage done to their livers. They found that the 10 percent of alcoholics who also used marijuana showed less signs of liver disease and damage than those who did not. The study also showed that alcoholics who were regular cannabis users had less liver damage than those who only used the drug occassionally.

“Our study revealed that among alcohol users, individuals who additionally use cannabis (dependent and non-dependent cannabis use) showed significantly lower odds of developing alcoholic steatosis (AS), steatohepatitis (AH), cirrhosis (AC) and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC),” the study said. “Further, dependent users had significantly lower odds than non-dependent users for developing liver disease.”

The study only examined outcomes, so the scientists did not research how cannabis actually helps prevent liver damage. They did hypothesize that the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis may have reduced inflammation in the liver and helped prevent some damage. But more research would be needed to determine the case.

So basically legalizing marijuana would make drinking safer? Sounds like a good deal!

(h/t New York Post)


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