Marijuana Prices are Falling, and It Will Continue Throughout 2018

If you're a fan of cheap marijuana (who wouldn't be?), then 2017 was a good year. But 2018 could be even better.

Analysts at Cannabis Benchmarks, an independent price reporting agency, found that marijuana prices fell by 17 percent in 2017 compared to 2016. They also predicted that prices will most likely continue to drop throughout 2018, although they also said you shouldn't expect them to drop too much farther than they are right now.

The biggest issues affecting marijuana prices in 2017 were overproduction and oversupply. California and Oregon, in particular, saw major issues with too much marijuana supply, causing a dramatic drop in price. Colorado and Washington, however, where cannabis supply was more stable did not see the same price drops.

Marijuana prices are somewhat more volatile than other commodities. Besides issues such as natural disasters or unusual weather patterns that can affect supply, prices also are affected by constant political changes. While Massachusetts and Vermont are set to legalize marijuana in the coming months, pressure from the federal government and Attorney General Jeff Sessions can lead to dramatic changes in marijuana prices.

Either way, you can expect to continue paying low prices for marijuana in the short term, although that may change come 2019.

(h/t Cannabist)


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