Marijuana Mixologist Shows Us How To Make 'The Papa’s Palmer'

The Emerald Exchange showcases world class, sun-grown cannabis from Northern California and brings it to the Southern California cannabis community. These artisanal, cannabis cultivators educated and provided top quality products for consumers in all parts of California at the non-traditional two-day farmer’s market. The event featured over 40 vendors, a speaker series, yoga, spa treatments, music, food, and more.

Chef Holden Jagger is one of the featured vendors with Altered Plates, which explores the kitchen by using whole-plant recipes that treat cannabis like any other dish on the plate. Jagger experiments with his “cooking with terpenes” method, which focuses on flavor matching dishes with specific strains meant to be smoked, to help consumers understand the methods to infuse dishes with cannabis. At the event, Jagger also shared his recipe to make a Papa’s Palmer. The drink is infused with 1 milliliter of THC:CBD Relief Tincture to make the already elevated experience even more elevated.


With the end of the spring legislative session just days away, New York lawmakers are making one final push towards legalizing cannabis in the Empire State. The hope is to vote on legalization this Wednesday. There have been a lot of ups and down for Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) and his fight to legalize recreational cannabis in New York.

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