15 Marijuana Memes Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

What would the internet be without memes? And the only thing better than finding a hilarious meme is finding a hilarious meme about being stoned.

Here are 15 marijuana memes guaranteed to make you laugh:

1. Infinite Universe

01 marijuana memes3

2. High Conversations

02 marijuana memes2

3. Dealer Relationships

03 marijuana memes2

4. Growing Up

04 marijuana memes2

5. Too Slow

05 marijuana memes2

6. Listening skills

06 marijuana memes2

7. First Time

07 marijuana memes2

8. Blending In

08 marijuana memes2

9. DMs

09 marijuana memes2

10. Don't Do Drugs

10 marijuana memes

11. Running into Fellow Stoners

11 marijuana memes2

12. Stoner Santa

12 marijuana memes3

13. Eating While High

13 marijuana memes2

14. Feeling Good

14 marijuana memes2

15. Best Feeling Ever

15 marijuana memes2


The Highlight: First Time and Favorite Time High Nobody's first high — or favorite time being high — is exactly the same. From getting high with friends as a teenager to approaching cannabis as a remedy for anxiety and even to getting high for the first time with your parents, everyone has a unique story underlying their relationship to weed. Curious how your first high or favorite time high compares?

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