Take This Quiz to Find Out if You're For or Against Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana legalization is a hot-button issue in America nowadays, and considering the fact that you're currently reading a cannabis-focused website, we're guessing you probably have very conflicted views on the issue. Lucky for you, we've taken the time to create a quiz that will tell you if you are for or against marijuana legalization.

Take it find out how you should be voting:


While most trends seem to move towards safer and more well-protected activities for children, this might be the wrong approach when it comes to playgrounds. At least, that’s what a recent video from Vox’s By Design series, which explores the concept of “adventure parks,” argues. "They can play with any dangerous tool, they can take really dangerous risks and overcome them, and this builds up a tremendous sense of self-confidence in themselves," Marjory Allen, landscape architect and the person most responsible for popularizing the adventure park concept, said in an archival interview.

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