This Political Cartoon Makes an Incredible Statement About Marijuana Legalization

Political cartoons are usually pretty lame, not funny, nonsensical or some combination of all three. But one cartoon from the Louisville Courier-Journal made an excellent point about marijuana legalization.

Marc Murphy is the editorial cartoonist for the Louisville Courier-Journal, and recently he made an image commenting on marijuana legalization in America. Take a look:

The cartoon shows how marijuana legalization in the news often doesn't matter to the people who are most affected by the drug's illegal status. While many states are legalizing marijuana or reducing penalties for the drug, very often they do nothing to either commute or vacate the sentences of people who were convicted for cannabis-related offenses under the old laws.

States Working on Marijuana Legalization

While tax revenue and jobs are great reasons to legalize marijuana, we shouldn't ignore that the most important reason is to prevent people from going to jail for using a harmless drug.

Some states have taken measures to commute or vacate sentences for marijuana charges, particularly California. And states like Massachusetts are including provisions that will ensure cannabis businesses open up in communities that have been harmed thanks to the War on Drugs.

But we still need to do more to help the real victims of marijuana's illegal status.

(h/t Marc Murphy)


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