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Why Marijuana Legalization Needs Federal Government Oversight

Obviously many people are fighting for the federal government to end its prohibition of marijuana for a number of reasons. But one argument people should be making is that cannabis actually needs oversight from the federal government.

The Atlantic recently put out a video about the need for federal regulation over the marijuana industry. While the video talks about some of the health risks of more and more people using cannabis, it also discusses how lacking federal oversight of the cannabis industry simply makes it more dangerous. Or at the very least way too free.

They note that the federal government's prohibition on marijuana prevents them from ensuring certain safety protocols that are in place for other substances. Pharmaceutical drugs and food are subject to extensive testing, as well as strict regulations about what information need to be shown to consumers. Even alcoholic products are required to have certain labeling conditions met before they can be sold.

State governments have obviously tried to address many of these issues. They create their own testing labs, form their own labeling requirements, etc. But there's a reason why the Food and Drug Administration exists. It's simply more effective to have all 50 states under the same regulations for safety, and to put those regulations under the umbrella of a federal agency.

Granted, there are other things in The Atlantic's video that aren't very good ideas. For instance, they suggest the government creating their own stores to sell cannabis and not allowing private companies to do so. That seems way too ridiculous. Alcohol and prescription medicines aren't held to that standard.

Ultimately, it's simply about treating marijuana like all other legal substances. 

(h/t The Atlantic)


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