100-Pound Package of Marijuana Launched Over U.S.-Mexico Border

One of the arguments used against marijuana legalization is that if it's no longer illegal, then it will be everywhere. And they just may have a point, because it appears that marijuana is starting to literally fall out of the sky.

The U.S. Border Patrol announced an unusual drug seizure last week. A few agents were monitoring surveillance cameras when they spotted a giant bundle go flying through the air from Mexico to the United States. When the agents found the bundle, it turned out to be about 100-pounds of marijuana worth $48,000. 

A spokeswoman for the Border Patrol says it's not unusual for drug smugglers to launch these types of packages over the fence. She says they make homemade catapults and air cannons to send them from one side to the other. She also said these can pose a danger to citizens near the fence, and knows of one incident where a drug package hit a dog house. 

This particular incident occurred one day after President Donald Trump visited the border in Arizona and renewed his calls for a wall to be built between the United States and Mexico. Experts say that a wall would still not prevent the drug launchers.

You can see how large the bundle was right here.


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