This Company Became the First to Launch Marijuana Into Space

When people say space is the final frontier, they usually mean for humans. There's nowhere else on the world for humanity to explore, so space is our next destination. But space isn't just the final frontier for humans. It's also the next step in exploration for marijuana.

The company Herban Planet made history by becoming the first people to launch marijuana into space. The company created a unique vessel for transporting cannabis into space, called the "Space Weed Bro." They attached the vessel to a giant weather balloon, where it traveled 35 kilometers (around 22 miles) above the Earth. It then returned to planet, and was recovered by Herban Planet using GPS trackers. 

According to Herban Planet, the Space Weed Bro experienced temperatures 94 degrees below zero in space. And on return to the Earth, it reached velocities over 240 miles per hour.

Now, Herban Planet doesn't just launch marijuana into space. They're also a guide for cannabis users to find dispensaries, growers, businesses and pretty much any other information you could possibly need about the industry. But ultimately all of that is way less cool than launching weed into space.

This marijuana has boldly gone where no man has gone before.


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