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7 Marijuana Industry Jobs that Require the Least Experience

The marijuana industry is currently booming, and there’s plenty of jobs available for people who want to work with cannabis. But considering the drug’s been illegal until relatively recently, most people never considered a job working with cannabis and therefore don’t have experience that could be applicable. But there are still plenty of jobs in the industry that don’t require a ton of experience.

Here are seven jobs in the marijuana industry that don’t require a ton of cannabis experience:

1. Budtender

Budtender jobs will vary from company to company. Some dispensaries want very knowledgeable candidates with a lot of experience in the industry. Others will simply want people with good customer service experience who are willing to learn more about marijuana. So depending on the job, you may already be qualified!

2. Reception

While budtenders may or may not be required to know a lot about marijuana, reception jobs at dispensaries and cannabis companies will almost certainly not. They need someone organized and sociable, although it probably helps if you know at least a little bit about cannabis.

3. Trimming

Marijuana cultivation can be very rewarding, but to get the higher positions in this aspect of the industry requires a lot of experience. But jobs in cannabis trimming are the exception. Trimming marijuana is super easy to teach and doesn’t necessarily require prior experience. And trimming jobs can eventually lead to more advanced cultivation jobs that pay much better.

4. Tour Guide

Many cities or states with legalized marijuana offer various tours to show off the best cannabis businesses in the area. And obviously those tours need guides, and you don’t need to know the art of creating a hybrid strain of marijuana to get them. Just have a familiarity with the area and also a willingness to learn, and you’re good to go!

5. Delivery

Some states with legalized marijuana allow companies to deliver their products right to the customer. If you live in a state where that’s legal, then literally all you need is a driver’s license to take part.

6. Packaging

Like trimming, the actual packaging of marijuana isn’t super complicated or require education beforehand. And it’s also a way to get your foot in the door for possible advancement in the future.

7. Edibles Chef

While being the head edibles chef may require education, skill and experience, simply working in an edibles kitchen isn’t quite as intensive. Sure, you’ll probably need at least some experience in a kitchen, preferably professionally. But you’ll also just follow the recipes for their products.


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