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6 Foods You Didn't Know Could Get You High

Cannabis-infused goodies used to be strictly a dessert-lover's game: THC's fat solubility and munchie-causing properties mean it matches up naturally with sweet, fatty treats. But in 2016, pretty much any genre of food you can think of has been given a marijuana makeover, as manufacturers eschew traditional brownies and cookies in favour of one-upping each other on taste, discretion, and sophistication.

Here are six infused foods you probably didn't know existed - guaranteed to make eating your greens a pleasure.

1. Cotton Candy

Take a trip down memory lane to the Ferris Wheel and rollercoaster rides of your youth with this potent re-imagining of the classic, melt-in-your-mouth treat: each package contains 25 grams of product, and 55mg of THC, for about four servings per package. Available in classic, mysterious pink or blue-flavours, Kandy Kare cotton candy gets tested by CW Analytic Labs for consistency and quality. Whether you concur with this uber-baked review from the dudes at The Dank City depends on just how much carnivalesque frolicking you're prepared for.

2. Protein Powder

Some people finding adding cannabis to an already-intense workout allows them to take their sculpting routine to the next level. The Green & Protein Powder mixes from Mary's Medicinals contain acidic cannabinoids that purportedly channel some of the benefits of Juicing raw cannabis, without the need for access to large amounts of raw material juicing normally requires. According to the researchers at Mary's they've "refined a new process of encapsulating and preserving fresh plant material that retains the nutritional value of the plant, so that active cannabinoids remain intact and shelf stable." Combined with your choice of whey protein or greens, the 160mg or active cannabinoids in each package powders offer a nutrient packed option for a green workout.

3. Honey

Located in Santa Cruz County amid the Big Sur Mountains, surrounded by the coastal redwood forest, Funny Honey is a small, family run business that carefully blends small, consistent batches of sweet, ethically-sourced medicine "with only the finest organically grown or ethically wild-crafted flowers and herbs," according to the beekeepers. Not only do they avoid relocating the hives so as to keep the bees as chilled-out and healthy as possible, but they also supervise every step of manufacturing potent herbal honeys, skin care salves and syrups made with bee products, allowing even the uber animal-cruelty-conscious to get a buzz on guilt-free.

4. Non-Dairy Creamer

This weirdly-specific niche edible lets you get your morning coffee right: each Jane's Brew Non-Dairy Creamer contains a respectable 20mg dose of THC. Stir it into your favourite roast for rich, creamy flavor (and medication) without the calories or spoilage-potential of milk or heavy cream. Like all House of Jane products, the non-dairy creamer uses proprietary CO2 cannabis oil made from freshly ground, fair-trade buds: purportedly no cannabis smell or aftertaste - just your choice of hazelnut, plain, or French Vanilla flavour.

5. Fruit Punch

Concentrate-infused medical drinks in eye-popping colours and a variety of flavours ranging from Sons of Sativa Black Cherry to Grapefruit Drink. Each has 200mg (!) of high-grade cannabis, meaning these bottled bevvies pack, ahem, one hell of a punch, so take in measured doses. Manufacturers recommend these for patients with severe and chronic pain - although if you find the fruity flavour too irresistible, you can always split a CannaPunch with friends for a respectable, recreational dose.

6. Ketchup

High fries, anyone? Billed as "edibles that fit your lifestyle - discretely!" the offerings from Yummi Karma include not only classic tomato ketchup, but a whole line of canna-condiments including infused balsamic vinaigrette, BBQ sauce, and sriracha Get seriously saucy with 50mg on THC per package.


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