Marijuana Can Help People Curb Alcohol and Cocaine Addictions According to New Study

We often hear about ways marijuana can help people with opioid addictions kick their habits, but can it work for other drugs as well? Well a new study says yes.

A study conducted by the Scripps Research Institute found that CBD, a cannabinoid found in marijuana, can help curb cravings for cocaine and alcohol. The researchers used rats who were recovering from cocaine or alcohol addictions. They found that the rats who were given CBD were less likely to relapse and give in to their addictions than ones that were given nothing. 

The researchers believe that the reason for these results is that CBD reduces anxiety and stress, as well as curbing impulsive behavior, all of which are triggers for relapse. They believe these results show that CBD could be effective for treating human addicts as well. 

CBD has already been shown to treat a number of conditions, including epilepsy, psychoactive disorders and more. Many states in America allow CBD oils and supplements, as long as they do not contain any THC (or extremely low amounts that produce unnoticeable results).

But we're sure politicians will find some way to ignore the results of this study.

(h/t Daily Mail)


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