Marijuana Gummy Bears Will Be Illegal in Colorado on October 1st

Many people prefer consuming edible cannabis products as opposed to smoking marijuana. Part of it may be an aversion to smoking and the effects it has on one's lungs, but it's also just more delicious. Well, if you live in Colorado, your edible experience may be a lot less fun.

The Colorado Department of Revenue announced that starting on October 1st, edible products that are shaped like human, animals or fruits will no longer be permitted. They said, "Beginning Oct. 1, edible marijuana-infused products in the shape of a human, animal or fruit are strictly prohibited, including shapes that resemble or contain characteristics of a realistic or fictional human, animal, or fruit, including artistic, caricature, or cartoon renderings." Gummy bears, chocolate rabbits and other such products will no longer be sold in Colorado dispensaries.

As to what kinds of edibles are still permitted, the Department of Revenue said, ""Edible marijuana products that are geometric shapes and simply fruit flavored are not considered fruit and are permissible."

An executive from the Department of Revenue said the rules are designed so marijuana products are not enticing to children. Similar regulations are in effect for tobacco and alcohol products.

But the timing is unfortunate for Colorado residents. What kinds of edible products are people going to make available at their Halloween parties? Generic square shaped gummies? Sounds boring to me. Couldn't Colorado have waited just one more month?


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