This Awesome Timelapse Shows the Entire Growing Process of Cannabis, From Seed to Harvest

We often throw out tips and tricks for how to grow the perfect cannabis plant, but we don't often show you visuals of what the process actually looks like. Luckily, there's a video that can help.

A YouTuber named SKUNK1BERRI created a video showing a timelapse of the growth of a cannabis plant, from a seed all the way until harvest. You can see just how much a plant can grow and how you need to change various conditions in order to help it grow. Take a look.

We're guessing this wasn't his first time growing a plant. After all, practice makes perfect.


There are plenty of awesome cannabis edibles recipes on the internet. You can make brownies or cookies or even pastas or other dishes. And since making edibles isn’t really that hard, there are recipes to add cannabis to just about any food dish you can imagine.

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