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Legalization Is a Gateway to Moderate Marijuana Use

We often hear anti-marijuana advocates claim that cannabis legalization will lead to widespread use of the drug and it will become a plague on our cities. But according to most actual marijuana users, legalization is not going to change much at all.

Civilized teamed up with PSB Research to survey 1,000 Americans and 600 Canadians about various topics related to marijuana. Our survey included both cannabis users and non-users. One of the questions we asked the cannabis users is if they planned on consuming the drug more in the future. And they replied that they would not.

64 percent of Canadian cannabis users and 61 percent of American users said they plan to use the same amount of marijuana in the future as they do right now. Considering the increasing legality of the drug in both countries, you might assume that cannabis users would be planning to indulge in it more. But apparently that's not the case.

When it comes to using cannabis more, Americans were slightly more enthusiastic than their neighbors to the north. 24 percent of American marijuana users said they plan to consume more in the future, whereas only 18 percent of Canadians felt the same.

This indicates that while anti-marijuana advocates fear a world where people are stoned 24/7 if legalization occurs, the fact is most people will simply continue using at the same level they do. The only difference will be they won't have to rely on the black market, and their cannabis purchases can generate tax revenue for governments.

This also means the idea that marijuana could be a gateway to heroin or other dangerous drugs is also somewhat ridiculous. If cannabis users don't even want to smoke more marijuana than they do right now, then they probably won't be actively seeking out harder drugs to get their fix either.

So legalization is really just a gateway to safer access to marijuana. Who knew?


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