After Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded protections for legalized marijuana states, it's been unclear how the Department of Justice will handle federal cannabis laws going forward. And now legalized states are demanding answers.

The state treasurers from California, Oregon, Illinois and Pennsylvania wrote a letter to Sessions that said that businesses and banks operating in their states are not sure how to proceed with the cannabis industry, and that the DOJ needs to clarify what the rules are for marijuana. Specifically, they said that banks and financial institutions need assurances that they will not be prosecuted if they work with cannabis companies.

The letter also asked that the treasurers meet with Sessions in-person to hash out these issues.

Of course the uncertainty surrounding Sessions and marijuana has been the theme since he took over as Attorney General. Fears about a federal crackdown on legalized cannabis have surrounded the DOJ for over a year, and Sessions has done little to assuage those fears. 

Sessions has also done nothing to clarify what the DOJ's new policies will be towards marijuana after he rescinded the Cole Memo in early January.

It's almost starting to seem like Sessions may have no idea what he's doing.

(h/t Time)