How Cannabis-Friendly Is Your State?

Ever wonder how your state stands up to the others in terms of marijuana tolerance? We don't mean how much your state can smoke, but how tolerant the locals are toward cannabis. The real-estate website Estately has the answer.

Using specialized metrics, they put together rankings for all 50 states in their "Marijuana Enthusiasm Index." The criteria are: the percentage of monthly marijuana users, the average price of cannabis, the average number of marijuana-related Google searches, the legal status of marijuana and expressions of public interest (based on Facebook user data).

Here are five interesting findings.

1. Almost all the legal states made the top five / Oscity

In fact, Colorado, Washington and Oregon made the top three. Legal Alaska placed 12th due to its low score on affordability. New Mexico and Maine rounded out the top five.

2. The states most likely to legalize next made the top 15

The states likely to legalize in 2016 all placed in the top 15 friendliest places: California (8th), Vermont (9th), Arizona (10th), Nevada (11th) and Massachusetts (13th).

3. The least friendly place is...

North Dakota, which scored 50 out of a possible 200 points.

4. The other least friendly places are...

North Dakota's neighbors, mostly: Iowa (49th), South Dakota (47th) and Wisconsin (46th). The outlier is Utah (48th).

5. The most unfriendly region is...

The South is the least enthusiastic region toward marijuana, with Florida (23rd) ranking highest on the index. The second most unfriendly region is the Midwest, where only Michigan and Illinois are cannabis friendly. Meanwhile, the West is by far the most enthusiastic region when it comes to marijuana.

For more, check out this infographic from Estately and their detailed analysis.


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