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Why Are Millions of Dollars in Marijuana Being Found Inside Ford Cars?

People are not supposed to operate cars while under the influence of marijuana. But what about shipping cars with marijuana? Well, apparently at Ford, that seems to be ok.

Ford employees found 277 pounds of marijuana inside rail cars transporting 200 new Ford and Lincoln vehicles to the United States from Mexico. Ford issued the following statement about the incident:

“We are taking this very seriously. We are working closely with a number of law enforcement agencies on this investigation, including the FBI, Customs, Department of Homeland Security and local police. We cannot comment further as this is an active investigation.”

Now this story is already weird enough. But it gets weirder, because this isn't the first time this year that large quantities of marijuana have been found inside Ford vehicles. In fact, it's not even the first time this month.

In April, 1,100 pounds of marijuana were found hidden inside 22 Ford Fusions in Minnesota. That's $1.4 million worth of weed. Then ten days ago, over $1 million worth of marijuana was found in a different shipment of Ford Fusions in Ohio. They're also facing a lawsuit from a student who unknowingly transported over 100 pounds of weed in a Ford vehicle when traveling from Mexico to the U.S. Justin Westbrook from the car-focused website Jalopnik says that Ford's been finding marijuana inside their car shipments since at least this January, if not longer.

Despite being accessories to a multi-million dollar marijuana smuggling operation, Ford says they have no idea how these drugs are getting into their cars. And there's not really many options. They're either putting it in at the manufacturing plant, at the shipping facility or somewhere between where they ship and the border. 

So either Ford's doing an incredibly poor job of monitoring their car shipments, or the American automotive industry is doing a lot worse than we realize.


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