A Lot of Marijuana Is Washing Up on Florida Beaches Thanks to Hurricane Florence

Every once in awhile you hear a story about marijuana washing up on a beach somewhere. But Hurricane Florence has ramped up those occurances to a large degree.

Beaches throughout Florida are reporting large bundles of marijuana washing up onshore. Each bundle supposedly carries about five kilos, around 11 pounds, of marijuana. Law enforcement believe either a ship smuggling cannabis capsized or an airdrop went awry during Hurricane Florence, which made landfall in the United States on September 14th.

One county in Florida says they've seized over 100 pounds of marijuana in the past week related to the Hurricane, while another county says they've found seven or eight different incidents of marijuana washing up on their shores.

Apparently not all beachgoers who have discovered these marijuana bundles have been law-abiding citizens either. At one bundle discovery at Jungle Hut Park, witnesses said several people were fighting over the bundles of marijuana, with some trying to protect it until the police arrived and others trying to grab some to take home with them. One man was arrested for attempting to steal the marijuana, but another woman in a yellow bikini apparently was able to grab some of the washed up cannabis and escape before police arrived.

It's not clear when or where these marijuana packages originated. Some law enforcement says they could've entered the water as far south as Puerto Rico and floated north to the Florida shores.

So apparently now there's at least one reason to remain in Florida during hurricane season.

(h/t AL.com)


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