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Marijuana Is the Fastest Growing Job Category in America

When you think about fast growing industries, you usually think of tech related fields. But according to one expert, the fastest growing job category in the United States is cannabis.

Ian Siegel, the CEO and co-founder of the job recruitment site ZipRecruiter, told a conference that the fastest growing job category in the nation is marijuana. Siegel said that cannabis-related jobs have seen a 445 percent increase year over year. To put that in perspective, tech-related jobs increased only 245 percent and healthcare increased by only 70 percent, and those are both areas that experience large amounts of growth.

Siegel's information may not even be fully complete. A report from ZipRecruiter about Q4 2017, meaning the last financial quarter of last year, saw a nearly 700 percent increase in marijuana-related fields. This could be due to new states legalizing marijuana, primarily California. So obviously if more states legalize marijuana, then more people will get jobs in the industry and it will continue to grow.

Siegel also used this information to make a point about education and how teachers shouldn't try to predict the future and teach students based on how they think the future will play out. He said that's unwise because you never know when new trends will appear and dramatically change the landscape, such as marijuana has done.

"The things that happen societally, and the way we try to predict what you should teach kids, they happen so fast and they often happen in ways that are jarring enough that it's hard to get our brains around it," Siegel said. "I would never encourage the members of the audience to try to predict the future and adjust curriculum based on that. I don't think that's a viable strategy."

So anyone who's currently studying how to make driverless cars, make sure to have a backup. Preferably in cannabis.

(h/t Forbes)


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