California County Bans Marijuana Farms After First Allowing Them and Taking Their Money

Counties or local governments banning marijuana businesses in legalized states is nothing new. But it is unusual for a county to ban those businesses after previously welcoming them.

Calaveras County in California recently passed a law banning legal marijuana businesses from operating within its jurisdiction. However, in 2016 the county welcomed cannabis cultivators and wanted to use the industry as a way to improve the local economy. In the past two year, Calaveras County has brought in over $10 million in taxes and other revenue from the cannabis industry. And now many of those business owners who paid those taxes are angry that they're being forced out.

There are a number of reasons Calaveras changed course. The county actually voted against the 2016 ballot initiative that eventually led to legalized recreational marijuana in the city. They also replaced members of the county board with anti-cannabis candidates who were more hostile to cultivators. 

People who spoke to the LA Times gave the impression that the county board does seem to be following the wishes of its constituents. But that doesn't mean it's fair for the growers, who just two years ago were welcomed with open arms. Many of the businesses are threatening to sue the county to get back the money they paid over the past two years. 

Good luck finding a new source of tax revenue!

(h/t LA Times)


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