This Infographic Shows All the Good (and Bad) Ways Marijuana Can Affect the Body

With all the research and scientific studies being conducted on marijuana, it can be difficult to remember all the ways marijuana can affect the body. You've probably been looking for one handy-dandy chart that shows all the ways cannabis can affect the human body.

Well, you are in luck! The folks over at Skunkology have put together an infographic showing all the different ways that marijuana can affect the body. And it covers everything, the good and the bad. Take a look:

how marijuana affects the body

Notice that there are a lot more positives than negatives on the chart.

Of course not all of these effects are universal. Many people say that smoking marijuana helps reduce their anxiety, and yet it's listed as a negative on this chart. So, as with everything, make sure you do your research before partaking in any cannabis products, especially when it comes to marijuana and your sex drive.

(h/t Skunkology)


Mickey Hart knows a thing or two about cannabis. An accomplished musicologist and drummer, Hart is best known as a longtime member of the Grateful Dead, which he joined in 1967. Anyone who's been to a Dead show can attest their music pairs exceptionally well with weed - it's no surprise that they're deeply tied to the origin of 420.

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