Marijuana Doesn't Alter Your Perception Of Donald Trump

Civilized has partnered with PSB this year to conduct a survey of over 1,600 North American adults to explore modern cannabis culture. And we found that if there’s one thing that cannabis users and non-cannabis users can agree on, it’s how they feel about Donald Trump. Let’s break down the results:

  • 17 percent of cannabis users and 19 percent of non-users really dig the Donald and strongly approve of the job he’s doing as POTUS;     
  • 23 percent of cannabis users and 24 percent of non-users think Trump is an OK guy who’s doing just fine and somewhat approve of the job he’s doing as POTUS;
  • 17 percent of cannabis users and 16 percent of non-users think he could be doing a little better, they somewhat disapprove of the job he’s doing as POTUS;
  • And finally, 43 percent of cannabis users and 41 percent of non-users think the best way to make America great again would be for him to disappear.

As you can see, the numbers stay strikingly similar across both camps. The distribution of people who think Donald is their dude and people who just can’t stand they guy is virtually the same for both the cannabis abstinent and the marijuana enjoyers.

But what does this tell us about the big picture? Well, first thing first, our results say that the majority of people (and it’s not even close) think Trump needs to get gone.

Beyond that we also see that whether or not you like to hit a blunt every now and then doesn’t impact your political bents. The amount of people who like Trump, and the amount that doesn't was pretty much the same in both camps.


Another week, another presidential hopeful has entered the race for the 2020 election. Earlier today, California Senator Kamala Harris announced her bid for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination. Senator Harris says she is running to fight for the American people, especially those who have been overlooked or ignored by federal lawmakers who are easily swayed by self-interest.

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