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How To Get Medical Marijuana Delivery In San Diego

This article was produced and sponsored by NuggMD.

Not sure about the best way to get medical marijuana delivery in San Diego? Need a little guidance?

Are you a little overwhelmed with options, or just don’t know anything about the process?
Don’t worry - we've got you! 

In this article we’ll tackle all your questions and calm any apprehensions you may have about becoming a legal MMJ patient, visiting San Diego dispensaries and using a delivery service for the first time. We’ll also help find the ideal products to fulfill your medical needs.

Here we’ll cover:

- All the different ways you can buy legal medical marijuana in San Diego.
- The easiest way to get medical marijuana delivered in San Diego.
- The fine print; a.k.a. the legal requirements you must meet to purchase medical cannabis in San Diego.


Once you’re legally approved by a doctor to purchase medical marijuana, you have three options to get it in San Diego. 

Storefront dispensary/collective

There are plenty of cannabis dispensaries in San Diego (but not like other cities like Los Angeles or San Jose), even after the county chased many out of town about 10 years ago. Remember, each dispensary has their own unique product selection and quality, so not all providers are created equal.

Thankfully, you aren’t limited to the number of dispensaries/collectives you can join, so if you’re a social cannabis butterfly you can visit different storefronts and decide which one offers the products that best suit you.

Admittedly, most newbies want to visit a storefront to learn about cannabis strains and other products. We totally get it - we were there once, too! The drawback, and we hate to tell you this, is that most budtenders know a lot less than you’d hope. At times they do know a lot, but fail to speak at a non-industry level, which can be a bit intimidating and confusing.

Traditional Delivery Service

You know two things: exactly what you want and where to get it. Oh, and you don't want to get off the couch. So, you can order from a storefront you know delivers.

You can also search Google and bring up various dispensary listing sites like Leafly or Weedmaps, but if you go this route you’ll have to keep your fingers crossed and hope they have what you want online. If not, you may have to call and see if they have it, which is a total pain.

We hate to be a bummer, but finding a reliable cannabis delivery service in San Diego can be a real trial-and-error proposition, as you don't know who you’re ordering from because they haven’t been vetted. Some are totally legit and fully licensed, while others aren’t.

This means you should always do your research before ordering from a delivery service. Be sure to read online reviews, ask people you trust for recommendations, and make sure they’re licensed to sell medical pot.   

If that seems like too much due diligence to get a little sweet mary jane or if the whole process just confuses you, don’t put yourself through the hassle. Simply order through a cannabis delivery marketplace like Nugg that takes care of the vetting for you. Nugg only partners with the highest-quality providers who are legally doing business in San Diego.

Online Delivery Marketplace

Google. What would we do without it? But when it comes to comparing the best dispensaries and products in San Diego, the search engine just can’t compete. You can’t compare products at one dispensary with another, see which dispensaries cost less or offer better promotions, so you’re still be doing a ton of research. You could be two hours in and still no closer to puffing some primo Bubba Kush or enjoying a Cheeba Chew.

That’s why people turn to Nugg. The “Nugg experience” blows other traditional San Diego delivery services out of the water. Not only do you get access to a wide selection of dispensary delivery services and their products in the San Diego area, but the process is also super simple and, dare we say, fun (ok, more fun than buying other stuff online).


Cannabis dispensaries and delivery services in San Diego are available as far as the eye can see. All these options can be very intimidating, confusing, and overwhelming when you’re just trying to acquire some legal green.

Fear not, because we’re certain the simplest and most convenient way to legally purchase cannabis is through an online delivery marketplace like

Nugg is California’s largest online cannabis marketplace (and in the world too if you’re taking notes) and it’s not hard to see why.

Want friendly access to over 100 of the most trusted and reliable cannabis delivery providers in California? Nugg’s partnered with them! Nugg gives you unparalleled access to the greatest number of high-quality cannabis products the San Diego area has to offer.

The beauty of Nugg is that all you need to do is enter your address or zip code. Once you do, you’ll get a listing of local dispensaries looking to serve you. There’s no confusion, travel or phone calls; just a few clicks and you’ll get your cannabis brought to you!

Membership has its privileges and Nugg is no different. If you get your medical marijuana recommendation or card through one of NuggMD’s qualified doctors, you'll instantly receive a $20 credit to use on your first delivery.

How Ordering Cannabis Delivery Online Works

Ordering Medical Cannabis

Once on the Nugg website, simply enter your zip code to find some trusted, evaluated and reviewed dispensaries/collectives that’ll bring your medicinal marijuana order right to your door.

As always, be sure to peruse reviews for each dispensary left by fellow Nugg members. See what they’ve ordered, find out average delivery times, and what payment methods each dispensary accepts.

Check out menus on any internet-ready device and be on the look out for freebies and promotions with orders! Confirm your order, kick back and wait for your medical marijuana to arrive. Once placed, you'll receive an ETA (about an hour) on when to expect your order.

The platform even remembers past orders, so the next time you want the same quality green from two weeks ago, all you need to do is click on your old shipment and "reorder." It’s easier than ordering pizza!

How to Find the Best Products for You

You can browse products on Nugg! Use the search feature (located at the top of the dispensary list page) to locate your favorite products. You don’t even need to get specific and use brand names; you can search for anything relating to your personal preferences to see what’s out there, whether it’s an old favorite or something new. You not only see products, but prices too!

Ordering Medical Cannabis 2

Let's imagine you’re jonesing for something edible that’ll keep you up. Just search for "sativa edible.” Did the world just open up to you? I think it did!

Don’t forget that the Nugg blog has tons of relevant, detailed information covering everything related to cannabis culture like strains, product and brand reviews, and cannabis political news. It’s a great place to get your MMJ 101 certification.


Now that you know the most convenient way to get fast, friendly cannabis delivery to your unique specifications, let’s circle back to the cannabis basics. A lot of people don’t understand how medical marijuana is legal in San Diego and throughout California, but recreational cannabis sales are not. 

To understand the difference, let’s look at California’s legislation that has permitted the medical marijuana industry to grow (pun intended).

Proposition 215

The Compassionate Use Act (or the Medical Use of Marijuana Initiative) of November 1996 permits qualified doctors to prescribe the usage, possession, and cultivation of cannabis for medicinal purposes. This act removes any fears patients’ would have regarding legal consequences or persecution.

The initiative defines medical cannabis usage to treat “cancer, anorexia, AIDS, chronic pain, spasticity, glaucoma, arthritis, migraine, or any other illness for which marijuana provides relief.”

Now, this definition has an open clause, “and other illness,” so that doctors can prescribe medical cannabis (to some, this recommendation is known as a prop 215 card) at their discretion for those illnesses not specified by the initiative, should they believe it can help alleviate pain.

Senate Bill 420

In 2003, California passed The Medical Marijuana Program Act. This bill establishes and explains Prop 215’s state guidelines, including California’s voluntary Medical Marijuana ID Card Program. It also lays out how much medical cannabis patients can legally possess and grow, as well as other conditions put in place to protect patients and caregivers from wrongful prosecution.

Proposition 64 

The Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA), or Proposition 64, authorizes the sale, consumption (at home or at a certified cannabis businesses), possession (up to one ounce of flowers or eight grams of concentrate), and cultivation of recreational marijuana (up to six plants per household) for adults 21 and over. While these laws seem very relaxed, using cannabis in a public place can carry a $100 fine. Of course, driving while smoking cannabis or while under the influence of cannabis is still very illegal.

Before you get ahead of yourself, recreational legalization won’t go into effect until January of 2018, so until then you’ll still need a doctor’s recommendation (which can be attained through having a 420 evaluation) to purchase and use medical marijuana.

Of course, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, so this proposition will also create new taxes on marijuana. This includes a cultivation tax on flowers and leaves, as well as 15 percent tax on its retail sale. Local governments can also levy their own sales taxes on top of this 15 percent tax at their discretion.

This generated tax revenue will be used to fund projects like drug research, enforcement, treatment, and to protect the environment from illegal marijuana production.


- Must be an adult 18 or older with valid identification (driver’s license, ID card, passport). You don’t have to be a California resident to receive a California medical marijuana card, but you do have to be a U.S. citizen to have a medical marijuana evaluation.

- Must have a current medical reason or condition that conforms with Proposition 215.

- Visit with a licensed medical cannabis doctor (sometimes called a 420 doctor) who will assess your condition and medical history.

- Not sure where to find a qualified doc? You could do hours of research, driving, waiting, and potentially paying extra fees you weren't expecting. Or you can stay in your jammies and get a face-to-face or phone consultation with a licensed cannabis doc at NuggMD for only $39. You could be approved in 15 minutes or less, and you don’t even need to leave home.

So to recap, we’ve told you how to get a medical marijuana card and given you the many ways to access San Diego's legal weed. We’ve also showed you how to save time, stress, and money by using NuggMD and Nugg for all of your medical cannabis acquisition needs. Now go forth and get your medicine!


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