New Bill Would Allow Marijuana Delivery Throughout California, Even Cities That Ban It

While the state of California legalized recreational marijuana earlier this year, cities and towns were still allowed to ban sales of the drug in their jurisdictions. But a new bill could get around some of those local bans.

A new bill in front of the California Senate would allow marijuana companies to deliver their products anywhere in the state, including cities where legal sales are still banned. According to one analysis, around 40 percent of California residents live 60 miles or more from a legal marijuana dispensary thanks to cities and towns that have banned recreational sales. But, this new bill would allow that 40 percent to get cannabis delivered right to their home.

Currently people living in cities where sales are banned can drive to another town to purchase cannabis and then return to their home to consume it. So really, allowing marijuana delivery would be no different. It would just save the consumer time and energy.

Of course, considering many of these towns are willing to give up value tax dollars they could earn from recreational marijuana sales, we're guessing many of them don't have the most positive views of cannabis. So we're sure if this bill ends up passing, people will find some problem with it.

(h/t Sacramento Bee)


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