Marijuana Deliveries Approved Throughout California, Even Cities Where Recreational Sales Are Banned

If you live in California, you will be able to order marijuana for delivery regardless of local laws.

The California Bureau of Cannabis Control formally announced that the state will allow cannabis deliveries throughout the entire state, including to places where recreational marijuana sales are banned by local governments. This move was celebrated by cannabis companies that note that large stretches of the state do not allow recreational sales, which means many possible marijuana consumers are being prevented from enjoying their legal right. However those local governments that banned recreational sales obviously were not happy since this new policy effectively diminishes their authority.

The Bureau of Cannabis Control said that the state overwhelmingly supports statewide delivery, so they made it the new policy. 

It's highly likely this is not the end on the debate over this issue. Cities that ban recreational sales will likely sue the state over the new policy and take it to court. And either the policy will be decided by the state judiciary or the California legislature will need to weigh in to amend the law to address delivery.

Ironically, you'd think home delivery in places without recreational sales would be welcomed by these cities because then their residents who want to buy marijuana won't have to go out driving to purchase cannabis. It's like how counties that ban liquor sales actually have higher rates of DUIs and alcohol related car accidents because people have to go out and drive further to get alcohol.

(h/t USA Today)


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