More Than 25% of Legal Marijuana Customers Spend More Money on Cannabis Than Restaurants

One aspect about legalizing marijuana that no one talks about is budgeting. No, not how government budgets. Personal budgets. It turns out people who purchase marijuana are actually becoming smarter with their budgets.

A new study examined the consumer habits of marijuana purchasers in legal states. The study was conducted by LendEDU, a company that helps provide student loans and other financing topics. They found that people who purchase marijuana are incorporating their cannabis buying into their budgets.

According to the study, the average legal marijuana buyer spends about $111 each month on cannabis. They also found that 50 percent of legal buyers include marijuana into their monthly budgets. To make room in their finances for cannabis, 27.6 percent of legal buyers said they spend more money on marijuana than on eating out each month.

People who argue against marijuana legalization say this will enable drug addicts or lead to teenagers buying and smoking pot. But this study largely refutes those notions. Instead, the average legal marijuana buyer looks like a financially competent individual who's figuring out how to spend their money wisely to enjoy their cannabis hobby. 

To read more about this study of legal marijuana purchasers, check out LendEDU.


The cannabis industry has a packaging problem. In fact, more broadly speaking, it has a sustainability problem. Regulations in legal states, aiming to childproof cannabis products, have had the side effect of creating massive waste, while cultivation can be energy and water intensive.

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