marijuana condoms

We keep hearing how THC-infused lube turns sex into a quasi-religious experience infused with ethereal goodness and light. Unfortunately, the law of the universe decrees that for every light, there must be a corresponding darkness. We at Civilized have located that darkness, and its name is Cannadom.

Cannadom is a green-tinted condom which manufacturers claim "adds taste to your life" - the "taste,' in this case, being the skunky, funky redolence of fresh weed. Ignore the fact that - unlike bananas or strawberries or other, more mainstream flavoured-condom options - cannabis is something that no one ever eats by itself because they enjoy the taste.

Next, and more importantly: do these alien-tinted prophylactics get you high? Big nope. According to Cannadom's site, they don't contain any THC or other cannabis-derived ingredients. It's pure, unadulterated simulated-cannabis-flavored goodness.

Not getting high, turning your parts a fetching shade of green, and reducing the sensation in the sack isn't cheap: a single canna-condom runs about 2 bucks, or score a 10-pack for around $13.

At that price, our next question - why would anyone want to augment oral sex with the "realistic" taste and smell of marijuana? - might be impossible to answer.