Marijuana Company Donates One Million Meals to Needy Families

After receiving tremendous support from the community, one California cannabis company has decided to give back in a very big way.

Bloom Farms is a cannabis company operating in California. When the company began, they created a social responsibility program where they would donate one meal to families in need for every one of their products sold. They recently announced that they have donated their one millionth meal as part of their program.

“Donating our one-millionth meal shows that we’re succeeding for our customers, who have purchased one million of our products and appreciate that we are working toward the greater good, and for California’s most vulnerable families who have received the gift of nutritious food,” said CEO Michael Ray.

The program is an offshoot of a similar policy at TOMS Shoes and Warby Parker, where they each donate one of their products to charity for every one they sell in stores. Other companies have begun setting up similar 1 for 1 charity programs.

When Bloom Farms began their program, they actually struggled to find organizations to work with. Many charities are hesitant to work with cannabis companies because they're afraid of the stigma surrounding the industry. Bloom eventually met with SF-Marin Food Bank, who thought that it was ridiculous for other charities to turn them down.

“I told them my story about how I’d been turned down, and their jaws literally dropped. They were shaking their heads,” said Ray. “They said, ‘this cause is not political, we’re just trying to feed people.’ That was music to my ears.”

Perhaps more stories like this will help end the stigma surrounding the industry.

(h/t Forbes)


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