Marijuana Campaign Ads Are Dominating Election Airwaves

With the midterm elections only one week away, you're probably being inundated with campaign ads every time you turn on your television. But on the bright side, it appears some of those ads are in support of cannabis.

States with marijuana legalization ballot initiatives next month are seeing a rise in ads focused on cannabis in the lead up to the election. Michigan, Missouri, North Dakota and Utah will all have initiatives to legalize recreational or medical marijuana, and groups are coming out in support (and opposition) to them.

Michigan is the biggest spot for pro-marijuana ads. The state is highly expected to legalize recreational marijuana next Monday, and there are tons of ads in support of the initiative. These include ads featuring military veterans and police officers who support legalization.

In Missouri, things are a little more complicated. There are three different medical marijuana initiatives on the ballot next week, which means different organizations are both trying to get the message out that there initiative is the best while also explaining why the others are worse. For instance, here's an ad from New Approach Missouri promoting their medical marijuana ballot initiative, Amendment 2:

Missouri Doctors, Patients and Veterans are supporting Yes on 2!

Missouri Doctors, Patients and Veterans are supporting Yes on 2!

Posted by New Approach Missouri on Sunday, September 2, 2018

And then here's another ad from the same organization telling people not to vote for another medical marijuana initiative, Amendment 3:

Check out our new ad featuring real #Missouri doctors who are advocating for medical #marijuana for their patients and want you to vote #YesOn2 and #NoOn3 on November 6th. Amendment 2 is the right choice for Missourians!

Posted by New Approach Missouri on Monday, October 29, 2018

The question is what happens if two or all three of these medical marijuana initiatives pass.

In North Dakota, there's less advertising in favor of the state's recreational marijuana ballot initiative, although the organization Legalize ND is trying. There appears to be far more advertising opposing the initiative instead. North Dakota initially seemed to be a losing fight when the initiative was first allowed on the ballot, but recent polls show that may not be the case.

Utah is the only state where marijuana ads don't seem to be a factor. That's largely because the organizations that support and oppose the state's medical marijuana initiative have reached an agreement with state lawmakers on a compromise medical marijuana bill that will be passed by the Utah legislature regardless if the ballot initiative passes.

So unfortunately if you live in one of the 46 states not listed here, then you're probably in for the same generic electoral commercials we've seen for years.

(h/t Marijuana Moment)


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