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Why Marijuana Businesses Want to Stop Using the Word 'Pot'

There are many slang terms for marijuana. Ganja, herb, keef and much more. But the two most popular ones are pot and weed. And cannabis companies want those terms to go away.

The San Diego Union Tribune ran an article about how marijuana companies want people to stop using pot and weed when referring to cannabis. These slang terms reinforce stereotypes of marijuana users, such as they're all lazy, slacker stoners. And those stereotypes can actually hurt cannabis companies and causes others to treat them less professionally. It also allows people to ignore the medical benefits of marijuana, which many people believe needs to be advertised more.

“People in our industry and activists don’t like the word pot because it doesn’t focus on the medicinal value of the plant, which is what’s important,” said B. Le Grand, publisher of Edibles List.

Another person quoted in the story noted that people will often refer to dispensaries as "pot shops," a distinction that isn't made for liquor stores. 

Of course, this very well may change. As the cannabis industry becomes more wealthy and lucrative, people will begin seeing it as a more legitimate aspect of society. And when that happens, they'll begin to drop the slang terms and begin treating it with more respect.

But until then, don't be surprised if people ask you where to buy legal pot.

(h/t San Diego Union Tribune)


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