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Marijuana Baking Powder Is Now a Thing

For years, people have attempted to make their own edibles and, let's face it, many of those products haven't been that great. But a new product could dramatically change everyone's edible game.

How Marijuana Baking Powder is Made

Two companies, THC Design and Made by Science, have partnered together to make a revolutionary marijuana powder that can be used to make consistent edibles. Now technically, powders have been injected with marijuana concentrates in the past, but the makers of this new powder say it's easily dissolved in water or sprinkled into baked goods to deliver a consistent THC dosage, something other powders cannot do. THC Design co-founder Ryan Jennemann says his powder is the "first easy-to-use, water-soluble, cannabis-extract mixture in California, and one of the first in the world."

Why We Need Marijuana Baking Powder

Most edible makers today mix marijuana oils into their baked goods to create the products you purchase in dispensaries. Jennemann says that oils are unreliable, and that dosages can be inconsistent, resulting in edible goods being distributed with different THC levels. 

"Companies that are trying to do their best when they're mixing in the different THC oils into their edibles, they're not able to accurately distribute that product so every bit has the same dosage," he says. "That's very hard to do with oils."

How to Use Marijuana Baking Powder

Meanwhile, this new marijuana powder can be easily sprinkled into baked goods the same way flour or sugar would be. In fact, it can even be sprinkled right on top of food as well. You can even put the powder into a glass of water, drink it and get high off of that. The company says they plan on releasing new flavors with electrolytes for that very purpose. 

While the companies behind the product won't reveal exactly how it's done, they have said they used ethanol extraction on cannabis plants to help turn it into a powder. And while most marijuana powders available are primarily starch, their powder is more than 80 percent THC.

The THC Design Mix powder will be officially unveiled at the High Times' Cannabis Cub this week in California.

So if you love making pot brownies for your friends, it sounds like you're about to get a lot more help. Just make sure to label it properly. You wouldn't want to use your marijuana powder thinking it's normal baking powder. Or maybe you would...

(h/t LA Weekly)


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